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brianna-head-shot.jpgBrianna Deveraux is passionate about painting.  She has been painting and drawing her entire life but became very serious about it in 2006 when she received a scholarship to Richmond International University in London and moved to the UK to study art.

While in London, Brianna studied oil and acrylic painting, print making, photography as well as installation art and art theory.  Richmond International University also has a campus in Italy, and Brianna was able to spend 6 months studying classic painting and drawing in Florence.

After graduating in 2009, Brianna remained in London.  It was at this time that she started experimenting with watercolor.  "I immediatly fell in love with the medium and started creating new types of mixed media paintings."  She was able to show pieces at various galleries, restaurants and festivals throughout London and when she returned to California in 2011, she became absorbed in the Central Coast's vibrant art scene and has been working to build her business ever since while working other part time jobs.

As is often the case, and as Brianna has said herself, "in art school they teach you how to be a better artist, they don't teach you about business.  When it comes to building a business, you're sort of on your own."    The CREO Originals Project is focused on helping Brianna and other undiscovered artists expand their reach so they can grow their business into full time, rewarding careers.

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